Meet the Taylor Mead Team


Brian Taylor – Team Leader, Trainer, Top Negotiator, and Veteran Carpenter/Landscape Designer

A highly motivated professional, Brian has 23 years of experience leading the real estate market in Toronto and York Region. Brian has also spent the better part of 30 years in construction and consultation (carpentry and landscaping) as owner of Heritage landscaping. Brian’s earliest landscape designs and construction clients are still referring him to this day. Brian also runs an investor’s holdings group and consortium of residential and commercial properties. Most recently, Brian has implemented an IT department for marketing which has given his team leverage for optimizing his inventory and sale performance. Brian is a keen listener, which allows him to gain a deeper understanding of his client’s culture, and to provide the highest calibre solutions to his client’s challenges and needs.

Brian: 416-709-4788

Margaret Mead – Team Leader, Trainer, Top Negotiator

A seasoned real estate veteran, Margaret has been successfully helping her clients buy and sell their properties since 1981. Her desire to make the real estate transaction run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible is what drives her to do the utmost best for her clients every day. Margaret knows that the buying and selling process can be much like riding a roller coaster – there are many ups and downs, sometimes even dark tunnels – but she is here to make sure that you stay on the rails. Her greatest talent is having her clients feel safe and secure knowing that both their needs and their wishes are being met. With over 30 years of negotiation skills, the final stages of firming up a contract are second nature to Margaret. While remaining optimistic and positive in all stages of the real estate transaction, Margaret will be sure to remain persistent and fight for clients to ensure that they get more than what they want.

Margaret: 647-896-3488

Sue Sotiriou – Sales Representative, Mortgage Agent

Who do you get when you mix a Mortgage Agent and a Real Estate Agent? Sue Sotiriou! A one-stop shop for your biggest purchase with the financing to match! Sue has over 30 years of financial background the last 20 years in mortgages. Now a registered real estate agent with the Taylor Mead Team, she can focus on both working with buyers and sellers of real estate as well as mortgage financing. Winning “Best New Comer Award” from Homeguard Funding Ltd. as a mortgage agent boasted about her commitment and challenges she had to overcome with her clients. This strong sense of commitment was especially shown throughout the difficult financial circumstances that the “Stress Test” put on everyday people such as first-time homebuyers.

Sue: 905-715-4569